GONG Zongqiang

Title: Professor

Subject:Ecology and Environmental Engineering

Resume:   EDUCATION   Ph.D. Aug. 2001-Jul. 2004. Environmental Soil Ch...

WANG Anzhi

Title: Professor


Resume:   EDUCATION   PhD: in ecology at the Institute of Applied Ecol...


Title: Professor

Subject:Rhizosphere; Allelopathy

Resume:   2005-2008Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Scie...

YAN Qiaoling

Title: Professor

Subject:Secondary Forests

Resume:   1998.9-2002.7: B.S. (Ecology) Dept. of Ecology and Environmen...

WANG Zhengwen

Title: Professor

Subject:Clonal plant ecology

Resume:   EDUCATION   Sep.1998~Jul.2001 National Laboratory of Grassl...

LI Hui

Title: Professor

Subject:Soil microbial ecology

Resume:   2002.09 - 2005.06: Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Acade...

HE Hongbo

Title: Professor

Subject:Soil Biochemistry

Resume:   EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND   2005- Associate Professor, The...

ZENG Dehui

Title: Professor

Subject:Restoration Ecology

Resume:   2001.10–present: Professor, Institute of Applied Ecology, Chi...


Title: Professor

Subject:Pollution Ecology and Environmental Engineering

Resume:   Summary of Qualifications   Ten year research program in pol...

HU Jiangchun

Title: Professor

Subject:Biological pesticide

Resume:   EMPLOYMENT HISTORY   2002.11-present:Professor, Institute o...